Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Martha Stewart Story- And I Am Sticking To It

So here is how the story goes.

I sell to a store (Olson's Cherry Stand)who's owner is "friends" with Martha Stewart.

She made one of her famous Cherry Pies on Martha Stewart's television show once which is the connection with Martha.

Since Martha was in town for a Google meeting with the Google people in Mountain View, she arranged to make a stop at Olson's Cherry Stand.

Deborah, the owner, called me the day before and invited me over to meet Martha (with a few other people) at 8:30 Sunday morning.

I dragged my photographer daughter out of bed at 7:30 to come with me to take photo shoots of the event with the hopes I could get a picture with Martha Stewart.

Thinking early would be better than on time, we got there at 8:05 am

The store was lovely.
People were milling around with grand expectation

The roses adorned the brunch table

Coffee was made

Fruits were neatly sliced and arranged in Martha style

Apricots were daintly fill with half walnuts.

Oh, I know Martha would have approved!!!!
All was in place for the Queen of Homemaking

So in we came only to find out that Martha Stewart had already been there before 7:30 done her shopping with her excutive assistant and another person, none of which did I know their names, and was off to breakfast at the Palace with Deborah. (fitted for a queen I suppose)

Now there was a rumor that she was still coming back-so we waited. And we waited with no word from the text messaging or calls placed to Deborah's cell phone. So we waited some more, but the time constraint was beginning to choke some.

Then in comes Deborah.

Martha Stewart had left for her private jet and was gone.!!!!

Is this what I get for being a kind papparatzzi???

I wasn't even going to ask her if she is still "friends" with her jail mates!!!

So what I got was this.

She bought some of my products.
Yeah. Namely my fruit cobbler. So, when you are watching Martha some day and she announces that she will have the best cobbler maker in the world on, it just might be me!!!! ha, ha, ha.

I also got a picture of the receipt from her purchases and ,of course, mine was one of them. So that is my Martha Stewart experience.
Private jet? Hummm-could she have not waited to meet us. It is not like she had to be at the airport 2 hours before hand. In fact, I am sure the pilot would have been glad to wait a minute whilest a cobbler was being purchased..(0:
PS. Didn't my photographer do a good job?

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