Saturday, June 11, 2005

Soft Crab Comin'

This FROM THE BALTIMORE SUN from many years ago BUT THE SOFT SHELL CRABS are as new as today!!!

(Folger McKinsey)
Soft Crab Comin'
Soft crab comin'
Season starts in May-
Soft crab comin'
From the Chesapeake Bay:
Takin' him at Crisfield,
At Oxford, in the Miles---
Soft crab comin'
An' my mouth's all smiles!
I want him fried in butter
With only seasonin' on:
Keep him from the batter,
Dress him in the dawn:
Fry 'til he's crispy,
Serve him sizzlin' hot--
Soft crab comin'
And there's coffee in the pot!
Catchin' him in Talbot,
Catchin' him in Kent:
Catchin' him in Choptank
And beneath the Cecil tent:
A May gift from heaven,
A morsel from the sky--
Soft crab comin'
And I hope I never die!
Now call ahead, but Whole Foods in Cupertino, California flies them in fresh .
The pan is hot and the butters melted!
You all come over now!!


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