Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Plum, Plums Everywhere

Now is the time. Our delicious Santa Rosa Plum Tree is giving us these delectable fruits. We share these with our neighbors and of course, the wild life. Black birds, squirls and who knows what else visits the tree at night!! But, with all of that aside, we still have much more then we can either eat or give away. So here is an easy recipe to use up and enjoy the fruit.
Plum Fruit Rolls (Leather)
4 cups plum puree
1 package MCP pectin
1 cup sugar

Use fully ripe or slightly overripe plums. Wash and cut away any bruised or spoiled portions. Pit. Puree plums in blender or food processor. Stir the MCP pectin into puree. Mix well. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
Coat cookie sheet or dehydrator shelf with vegetable oil. Spread 1 cup puree in border. Smooth puree with rubber spatula or tilt cookie sheet to evenly spread puree. Refrigerate unused puree.
For conventional oven:
Set temperature control at lowest setting or 150 degrees F. Two cookie sheets may be placed in the oven at the same time. Rotate trays after 3 hours. Drying will take up to 18 hours.
For dehydrator:
Set temperature control at 140 degrees F. and dry for 6-8 hours.
For Sun Drying: (This is my way)
Pour puree on to oiled plastic wrap that has been placed on paper plates.
Set in sun under some window screens. (keeps the bugs out)
One to two days. Test for dryness by touching center of leather; no indentation should be evident.
Remove rolls from tray while still warm and either roll each one in one piece or cut them into 4- to 6-inch squares. Roll in plastic wrap after cooled. Rolls may be stored up to 1 month without refrigeration. For longer storage, place in freezer up to 1 year.


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